Ketones.. how they help with Ketosis which accelerates burning of body fat.

This is a great Vlog of fat burning,  fat adaption, and preparing body to deplete glycogen stores so essential to the process.  So many out there disregard macros and the caloric deficit that is needed. They consume higher than normal fat without the realization, that your body will first, burn off the excess exogenous fat.  If it is always supplied, with an excess  a stalling or plateau will be created for fat loss.   Protein is needed, as well as good carbs that generally are kept below a minimum, of 20-30 a day.   Another consideration is the amount of daily caloric quotas, that even a single gram of fat will contribute to total for the day.  In macros and using grams,  125 g p = 500 cal. 50 c carbs = 200. 125 g fat -= 1125 calories.     How do ketones help?      They help with the        hunger hormones ghrelin and leptin, reducing cravings for the sugary foods, and imo a higher desire for good  “Natural foods”.  This is in addition to creating an environment where ketosis is easily attainable, instead of the long drawn out process of liver production of ketones. If time is compressed, or low energy it’s great!  Another Ketonesmeme tool to use and is enhanced, is intermittent fasting and workouts.  This is one of the mentors, I follow and utilize his information to guide my own plan of fat loss.

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