A year and a half in….. from victim to victor.

So nearly two years ago, I started something….   I live a keto lifestyle, with some cheat meals thrown in here and there.   I eat wild game, and home grown veggies, and fats, some carbs.     This picture is me from a few years ago.   I had some issues with a staph infection that turned into bone infection.   I was bed ridden after surgery and temporary paralysis due to spinal column being infected.    I lost my muscle tone and muscle density.   I lost a brother due to a car accident, he was my hunting partner.  Deep depressive “Stinking Thinking” as we call it in my psychological field of study set in.  I bought into  a victim mentality.    Things just happened no matter what, why try? Who is going to want a broken man?   I am weak now.   Thoughts like this…   I slowly found my footing, I started to be me again.  I had one last hurdle to clear:   I now needed to love and accept myself with unconditional love.   It took a brush with a disordered person, who sought to exploit me, and my good qualities for me to learn this lesson.   I learned that sometimes you can be caught in a spider’s web of addiction to a false love and a person.  This person starts out bearing gifts, decided you are the best thing ever, can’t get enough of you, adore you,  then when they sense that they have their hooks in you.  WHAM!!!  The mask they wore to deceive you comes off, but for most it is too late the chemicals of love have them wrapped like a burrito.   The chase, the wondering why?  What DID i do?  The cycle of abuse has begun.   I too had these thoughts, but sensed that NO no more!   I began the process i described above self love.   I accidentally found the ketogenic lifestyle..  during this I met a couple who indirectly would change my course for one and more specifically the other.  Marci Lock, and Tyson James  Lee.    Tyson had gone through something similar as I had, and recovered to a level I was amazed by.  Check them both out on facebook.  Tyson runs a program called TYFIT.  I started to follow him and listen to his tips.  I was motivated to change.  I did I lost fat, some 80 lbs of it.   I was then introduced to the supplement i now use to maintain and continue  the lifestyle.  I do mild exercise with the Walmart rubber bands,  I walk the mountains, the city I try to get in at least a mile ever day.  About supplement ,info is found in links on this blog.    But the reason for this post,  I hiked about 3 miles yesterday in this steep vertical country chasing elk.  My energy levels when using my own excess body fat for fuel is amazing!!  Inflammation and my gimpy knee that pops because of all that weight I carried  hardly noticed.   I feel like i did in my late 20’s.  Used to be one hike took me  3 hours to climb 700 vertical feet.  I did it yesterday in an hour.   I saw elk all over after the storm.    How do I look now fast forward a year in?  Judge for yourself!   I am on the far left in glasses.      I am happy, I love me, I look good, I enjoy people and being around them more because my internal world is balanced.  It in turns runs the external.  My business is going good, I can’t complain.   3dicsBefore keto

Eating your way to Happy?

How many of us are guilty?  Do you graze on junk food?  or buy that ” Just this once, cake and Ice cream?  It’s worth the endorphin rush right?  What about that hit of sugar?  Yeaah things are good now.  You’ve gotten rid of that unsettled feeling inside right?  Things are not quite as bad as we thought……..   I’ve been there pizza, brownies, Mickey D’s are a rough crowd.   Want some tips to get a better relationship and break the love affair with the scale?  http://bit.ly/2y56CDtclean eats

“The great secret of life is realizing the only thing you can change is You” -Stephen Bartlett

So you’re  tired of bills, kids having problems,  9-5 hours, Emotionally drained?  It is a popular notion in today’s world or a  folks tend to equate the inner reality with events that occur in the outer, or out of body reality.   Look around, are you in debt?  Is it because things cost so much? No, not if you take one moment to introspect and be intellectually honest with yourself.  Or in other words take control and accountability.   The path of least resistance requires of us to only blame the action of  others, the event that appears to be random, Or excuse our own behaviors through rationale.  Here is how I learned through a series of mistakes and successes.   I grew up bored, by schoolwork and the routine it was hard for me to just set and do what I deemed to be nothing.   In high school, I became defiant, I purposely chose to not to my schoolwork I knew I could take and pass the tests.    I had no direction, no goals, and was unmanageable for the adults.  So I had to learn the lessons in life a lot of people learn earlier in life.  I decided to go a two year service religious mission.   While there I began to slowly start to build a foundation of goals, and ambitions.    The first step was to become a chain breaker and attend college and get a degree.  There was a lot of opposition and adversity for me to do both, but I did as I’ve always done.  Dismissed the negative and pushed forward towards something better.  I eventually graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelors of science.   Afterwards I found that my troubles had just begun, due to competing fields of study managing to get their foot into the door of the License and credentials for my home state of Idaho,  my hard earned degree was not recognized and accredited for licensure.   The options given me were to return to school and spend another 4 years taking the very same classes I just had passed.  Or choose as I did was to embark upon another phase of life.   During this time, I became interested in Robert Kiyosaki, and his “Rich Dad Poor Dad”  series.  I was working as an employee and not very happy, from having to clock in and having my creative side squashed by virtue of policy.   I began to study the avenue of becoming a business owner.  Huge learning curve,  many of my flaws came to the surface and while I was able to succeed due to sheer persistence it was not a fun experience.  I learned that was not the answer I was looking for, instead of one employee I turned into 10 with all of the responsibilities of management.   Can you guess who found out I wasn’t as prepared or all knowing as I thought?  🙂   I evolved, I hired professionals to take care of my taxes,  I hired employees to carry the case load, I learned that what I was destined to be was a visionary, creative investor.  It is what I am now.  People still shake their head, make comments that I should value certainty and security over all else.    So long story brought to an end, why share all this with you?   I learned the value of talents,  I had drive and ambition, the harder something is to accomplish the harder I try to succeed.  It is   my belief everyone should listen and take to heart the following:  From business, life mentor Jim Rhone,  http://bit.ly/2gULwDE

Want a quick and easy shortcut to evolve your talents, get healthy and help others?   For a free sample watch this now!   http://shanehayes.DrinkYourSample.com  


Droppin some Self love!

How many have seen this phrase?   Is it  psycho babble?  Or have you ever really pondered what it means?  I used to think, it was selfish, conceited, boastful to even use it in a sentence.  Then came the day, where instead of fleeing from my fears, I turned and faced them.  I had enough of torment, doubt, insecurity, guilt,  as you read this sentence does it not remind you of your own struggles within?  It affects everything, job, family, how you even carry yourself unconsciously.    Now sit back while I throw down what it means to me:   I take time out for myself to, feel and process my day.   I set boundaries with people.   You want to be in my life?!   Then treat me the way i treat you.   I am a gregarious fun-loving person.  I don’t like people who expect you to carry the weight of a relationship, or that are manipulative,  and always seeing that they are taken care of without a thought for you or others in an empathetic way.   Examples?   The “friend”  who makes multiple visits to your area yet never calls.  Hey we all get busy and have schedules, but this isn’t what friends do.  A phone call is appreciated.   Yet oddly these same folks are perplexed when you  the “Golden ruler” who calls, and makes them a priority all of sudden stop and treat them in a like manner.  Does it make them a bad person? NO but should you really be focusing your valuable time and energy towards an imbalance?   What about the dishonest, no integrity taker?   You know the one who purposefully makes bad business deals knowing full well that you will just go along with things and “forgive”.   How about that toxic lover?  The one who lies, cheats, promises to make it better, sucks you back into a honeymoon phase, where it was like it never happened? Only to rip your heart out…….. again.   Boundaries are the answer, self-love is putting you and your health and emotional well-being ahead of these types.  You only invest in folks who help you compound like a bank account the good positive feelings.     They will get mad at you, throw emotional tantrums, talk bad about you….   pay them no mind.   So here is what I do in addition to the above, I give myself gifts and thank myself for developing new strengths and coping skills.   For example I want, and need these for hunting:   https://www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-x-fitsok-merino-crew-socks?mode=guest_open     I buy them, no guilt, no worry, I deserve it!!  I reward myself for fat loss with a cheat meal. I give service, things that make me feel good.   I love being me, and you can to just give yourself permission, to let others down…. be irresponsible, don’t try to fix every ones problems!    Just be……..socks

Energy out>Energy in

What do i mean?  In following a routine, the most basic fundamental law is this.  In order to achieve less your outgo must be greater than your inflow.  In a ketogenic lifestyle, in order to lose inches of fat, and keep the fat burning ketones being produced or consumed  you have to obey this  law.  Here is a link from a guy with a very active motor, who in the last two years has sculpted his body with routines like this:   https://www.facebook.com/zacgriffithcom/videos/1388125341302349/  please note that he is  using form and a fairly light weight to illustrate the above.   For some with health problems or physical issues like  myself, your own body weight is sufficient to create the energy imbalance a term that i was reintroduced to by Rob Deboer, a sports nutritionist and former running back for the South Carolina Gamecocks.   This post is meant for those who want to feel better, exercise is the best thing to combat stress and cortisol production and leaves you in a satiated physical state.  When you feel better,  you eat better, that makes you look better, that in turn makes you feel better.  The beauty pinwheel if you will.