Ketones.. how they help with Ketosis which accelerates burning of body fat.

This is a great Vlog of fat burning,  fat adaption, and preparing body to deplete glycogen stores so essential to the process.  So many out there disregard macros and the caloric deficit that is needed. They consume higher than normal fat without the realization, that your body will first, burn off the excess exogenous fat.  If it is always supplied, with an excess  a stalling or plateau will be created for fat loss.   Protein is needed, as well as good carbs that generally are kept below a minimum, of 20-30 a day.   Another consideration is the amount of daily caloric quotas, that even a single gram of fat will contribute to total for the day.  In macros and using grams,  125 g p = 500 cal. 50 c carbs = 200. 125 g fat -= 1125 calories.     How do ketones help?      They help with the        hunger hormones ghrelin and leptin, reducing cravings for the sugary foods, and imo a higher desire for good  “Natural foods”.  This is in addition to creating an environment where ketosis is easily attainable, instead of the long drawn out process of liver production of ketones. If time is compressed, or low energy it’s great!  Another Ketonesmeme tool to use and is enhanced, is intermittent fasting and workouts.  This is one of the mentors, I follow and utilize his information to guide my own plan of fat loss.

Warrior Pride

Arlee, Montana high school basketball team…  you can be a catalyst for change no matter your circumstances…..  I thought these young men deserve to be seen not only on the reservations and reserves of the USA and Canada… but the general population as a whole.  Share and spread make them realize their own potential!!

The detox, why is important?

I am speaking on a liver detox, removing the excess fats, heavy metals, crud…..   that helps reset the adrenal glands.  Hormones have more to do with fat loss, and fat gain than we’ve previously realized.   What is the best way to do this? Intermittent fasting….  In glycogenolysis, glycogen stored in the liver and muscles, is converted first to glucose-1- phosphate and then into glucose-6-phosphate. Two hormones which control glycogenolysis are a peptide, glucagon from the pancreas and epinephrine from the adrenal glands.   Getting out the excess allows for your body to become fat adapted, you consume just enough fats that your metabolic furnace kickstarts. Eating a ratio of fats, proteins and carbs.. allows you to enter ketosis and produce ketones which assist in the conversion of your own excess fat to energy.    Energy increases, mental clarity, and overall efficient running of the body ensues,  helps control spikes in insulin and other hormones that are contributors to disease.  Not to be confused with Ketogenic Acidosis vastly different outcomes and contributors.     To be added to my fb group Ketones Konversations, for this and much more info add me here:

I laughed…..

I love to laugh, from a slight snort, to the rare deep bellow from deep inside.  Next to exercise,  it is  the most common thing i use to create endorphins.  I am rarely serious, even if i don’t say anything I look for things to brighten my day.  greg olsen  How many have that one friend, who laughs like flipper the seal?  A snort here and there?  The silent laugher?  Where drawing a breath is impossible and you think you  have to call 911.    The cackler who like the Star Wars character Salacious Crumb…  all you can do is point a finger and continue to roll on the floor gasping and using the Staccato machine gun chuckles.   Find people who you can  make you laugh,  take yourself a little less seriously and watch the Cortisol release.    Get red-faced it is healthy and fun!   Like these two:  Anyone got any good jokes to share?

An outdoorsman’s perspective

DSCN0945Fair warning,  I live off the land as much as possible.  I live in an area where we are fortunate to not only raise our own food, in the form of vegetables and fruits, but we are allowed to pursue big game, upland game and waterfowl.  Recently I was able to accompany my cousin on a once in a lifetime moose hunt here in my home state of Idaho.   There is nothing more rewarding than knowing what, when and how your food is taken care of naturally.  No processed dies, sugars, preservatives.

It is the cleanest of eating.  We were able  to harvest the above pictured Bull.  It will fill the freezers of 4 families this winter.  This is especially important in a  inter mountain state where the wages are not as high, in comparison to other regions.   It allows us to be able to offset the cost of store-bought cuts of  meat.  If you follow my blog, you would find that i try to follow the ketogenic diet as close as possible.  High in proteins, fats and vegetables with moderate to low carbs.   Back to the story, a full grown bull moose of the Shiras subspecies which we have  is the smallest of moose subspecies.  However the average bull will stand 6 ft high at the shoulder and about 900 lbs.  It requires a tremendous amount of energy to clean, haul, and process.   But in my opinion there is no finer game meat upon the north american continent with Antelope, and Mountain Sheep being comparable.   Why a blog post?  I am still in awe of the experience, the fruitless miles walked through thick brushy bottoms full of wild rose bushes and red willow.  Frustrating warm spell, blisters on feet, cramped hip flexors from stepping over all the downed timber and muddy potholes.  It was a great experience we shared with his 5 year old son, chances are we will never again get the opportunity to hunt a bull moose again in our home state.    We practiced woodlore taught to us by our father’s uncles, grandpa’s.   It is a raw connection to nature without all the needless time spent on devices for entertainment.  Time stopped it was nostalgic for us, and created new memories.